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Year-End Tax Tips for 2017

With 2017 nearly at a close, it’s time to start thinking about tax year 2018 and considering some last-minute moves that might improve your overall tax position, both for this year and next. Income-tax brackets could change in 2018 if tax legislation is enacted under...

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5 Easy Steps to Prepare for Tax Season

With year end  approaching and tax season on the horizon, your tax and accounting professionals at HW & Associates, LLC  have a few simple but very important tips and reminders to help you prepare for a smooth and easy tax filing season: 1.  Update Any Changes in...

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6 Habits of Above Average Retirement Savers

Retirees generally need their savings to last 30 years or more, which is concerning since the average balance for retirement accounts is only $100,000.  Acquiring these good retirement savings habits may make it more likely that your portfolio will grow enough to...

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