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Retirees generally need their savings to last 30 years or more, which is concerning since the average balance for retirement accounts is only $100,000.  Acquiring these good retirement savings habits may make it more likely that your portfolio will grow enough to support your individual retirement goals:

  1.  Consistently save in tax-advantaged accounts like 401(k)s and Roth IRAs
  2.  Strive to earn more.
  3. Remain loyal to your employer.  Defined contribution plan participants who stayed with the same employer for ten years or more had an average account balance of $188,744
  4. Think long term. Smart retirement savers have an eye on the future and are less inclined to splurge on luxury items
  5. Ignore market fluctuations.  Don’t put your retirement money at risk! Trying to time the market is often a losing strategy, especially for the majority of workers with  limited investing experience
  6. Avoid excessive fees from managed mutual funds and high-cost index funds.  When choosing an IRA for your retirement savings, make sure you have access to a wide variety of funds, including various index funds and ETFs.