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Medicare Part B Premiums & Part D Surcharges

For Joint Users    For Single Filers   
If your 2014 modified AGI is: Your 2016 monthly premium will be:Your 2016 monthly Part D surcharge will be:If your 2014 modified AGI is:Your 2016 monthly Part B premium will be:Your 2016 monthly Part D surcharge will be:
More ThanBut Not OverMore ThanBut Not Over
$428,000 ---------------$389.80$72.90$214,000 -------$389.80$72.90

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Portal Instructions and Assistance

To access your secure HW & Associates NetClient portal, please go to our website at

Login To Your Portal

The Client Login button is on the upper right side of the homepage.  Enter your login (username) and password.  If you require assistance with either username or password, please call our office during regular business hours and we will be happy to assist you.

To view and retrieve documents such as tax returns:

Click on your name on the left side of the page after login

Click on Tax Returns

Click on the Year you would like to view

Select the return you would like to view or download

To securely Upload and Send Documents to Us:

go to File Exchange (found on the left-hand side of the page after you have logged on)

Choose the Permanent or Temporary file options ONLY.  Temporary files will remain on the portal for 14 days.

Select Upload

Browse for your file that you would like to send us, select it then select Upload

We will receive an email once the file has been uploaded to your portal


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Pay Your Bill Online

Now you can pay your bill conveniently with a credit card anytime day or night via your personalized, secure internet portal!

To make a payment online:

Login to your HW & Associates Client Portal. Once you are logged in, select Invoices on the upper left-hand side of the page.  Select the invoice that you would like to pay, then select Pay Selected on the bottom of the page. You will then be prompted to securely  enter your credit card information.

If you have more than one account (for example if you have both a business and an individual account), go to the upper right-hand corner of your portal home page and select the desired Client from the dropdown menu.  Click on that Client name and proceed as above.

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IRS Information and IRS “Where’s My Refund?”

You can  find this information and many other  valuable tools on the IRS website 

  • forms and publications
  • transcripts of tax records
  • Where’s My Refund? to check the status of your federal tax refund
  • Payment plans: If you can’t pay the tax you owe, you can apply for an installment agreement using the Online Payment Agreement application, or you can print the Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request from, then complete and mail it.

You can also  download forms or publications and print them at or call 1-800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676) to have them mailed to your home at no cost.)

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Did Your Receive an IRS Audit Notice This Year?

The IRS and state revenue agencies are generating many more mail audit-type tax notices than in the past! In fact, in 2011, the IRS conducted 1.2 million mail audits, representing a 124 percent increase from ten years ago. This is due to many factors, most of which actually have no bearing on your personal tax and income situation!

In addition, there are more notices generated from 1099’s and State returns. Since Congress has expanded the array of 1099 information returns and states are strapped for cash, the result is increased examination activity in areas that were previously not under intense scrutiny from auditors.

Most mail audit tax notices are the result of computer-generated, automated processes and are never even reviewed by an actual person. Since the IRS is increasingly relying on automated data-matching procedures to identify possible tax return errors, taxpayers may receive an IRS notice simply because the IRS computer did not spot an item reported properly elsewhere within the tax return. Unfortunately, when these IRS notices are generated, they are not simply an inquiry; rather they are often an assessment of tax based upon the assumption that the IRS computer is correct! Taxpayers who do not deal correctly with correspondence audits can receive a statutory notice of deficiency, which can potentially force a taxpayer to file a petition in Tax Court.

What To Do If You Receive an IRS Tax Notice

Contact your HW & Associates  tax professional right away. Most notices have deadlines and often the appropriate response depends on details within your return that may not be easily deciphered.

Even the most basic-appearing of IRS communications should be sent to your tax advisor because there can be consequences that aren’t apparent if you are not well-versed in tax law. It is vitally important that the notice is addressed within the time frame set forth by the IRS. Missing a deadline in some of these notices can require an expensive US Tax Court petition, instead of a more simple letter to the IRS.

What NOT To Do If You Receive a Tax Notice

It is best NOT to pay the IRS or State unless directed to do so by your tax advisor. In addition to the fact that there is a good possibility that the notice may not actually be correct, an unnecessary or incorrect payment can take months of correspondence and and documentation to correct and retrieve. It is also not recommended that you contact or meet with the IRS on your own. An aggressive tax examiner can use even a casual description from a taxpayer to issue an unfavorable ruling.

How We Can Help

No matter how small or basic a communication from the IRS or State revenue department appears to be, it is always best for your HW & Associates tax professional to at least give it a quick review. Even if an adjustment appears small and relatively insignificant, there may be hidden implications that could potentially result in substantially greater consequences.

Your HW & Associates tax advisor can help you interpret those IRS and State tax notices and respond appropriately and in a timely manner.

Our policy is to keep our income tax preparation rates as low as possible. The fee for addressing IRS and state tax notices is not automatically included in the fee for the preparation of your income tax returns. We will happily give you an estimate for the fee once we review the actual tax notice.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding an IRS or state tax notice.

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